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Hydraulic Rotators

Potenza has the best solution for every application, whether for the forestry market or the metal recycling industry. We are committed to offering reliable products to the the labor market, with genuinely national technology.

The axles are developed in high mechanical strength steel alloys, giving the product high life span as well as large load capacity.

When dealing with rotators with external motor drive the gears are dimensioned to withstand high impact loads, being treated thermally avoiding the wear of the teeth, thus relying on high performance and excellent service life.

All products come with a warranty and the best after sales, immediate delivery of the products, experienced and specialized technical support.



Model Weight (kg) Static Maximum Axial Load (kg) Maximum Dynamic Axial Load (kg) Flow Rotation Downloads
RX06T 50 6.000 3.000 25 l/min Unlimited
RX145R 70 17.000 5.000 25 l/min Unlimited
RX45T 135 45.000 15.000 Continual
RX25T 220 45.000 15.000 30 l/min Continual